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Prof. Matt Sparke on the importance of interdisciplinary learning

May 1, 2017

Interview with Prof. Matt Sparke

Professor of Geography and International Studies Matt Sparke was interviewed on April 28 by The Common Core, which is a series of six courses offered by Hong Kong University that focuses on:

  • making connections across disciplines
  • teaching active learning strategies
  • discussing the future of the University as an institution as well as its relationships between campuses, cities, and the world

Sparke, who serves as the External Examiner for the Common Core, spoke about the advantages of adopting an interdisciplinary approach. He emphasizes cross-cultural communication and understanding have never been more important.

Opportunities like study abroad and making them acceible to all students are key, he added.

Prof. Sparke’s research explores the ways in which the verticalization of global health initiatives has come together with the global spread of market-based governance to produce a series of geographical targeting and enclaving effects in global health practices.

Matt Sparke

Prof. Matt Sparke

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