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Ph.D. student Patrick Thomsen discusses shortcomings of Pacific nations in advancing LGBTI rights | The Spinoff

October 27, 2016


Patrick Thomsen

Fa'afafine-the third-gender people of Samoa, American Samoa and the Samoan diaspora. A recognized gender identity/gender role since at least the early 20th century in Samoan society. Image Credit: Samoan © Jeantine Mankelow / Flickr

Ph.D. student Patrick Thomsen has published an op-ed in New Zealand’s premier online magazine The Spinoff discussing Pacific nations that have been reproached for failing to make advances on LGBTI rights.

In his piece, titled ” ‘Hobgoblin’ logic on Pacific gay rights has distinctly Western roots,” Thomsen argues that the impact of colonization, stranglehold of the church and different conceptions of gender identity have stymied the process.

Thomsen’s dissertation research involves human rights discourse, social norms and its effects on transnational sexual minorities across Asia.


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