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Four Jackson School faculty selected as Society of Scholarship Fellowships 2020-21

January 27, 2020

Four Jackson School faculty have been selected as recipients of the Society for Scholarship Fellowships 2020-2021, which are supported and administered by the Simpson Center for the Humanities:

  • Daniel Bessner, Anne H.H. and Kenneth B. Pyle Associate Professor of American Foreign Policy, for The RAND Corporation: A History
  • Liora Halperin Associate Professor for The Deed: Blood, Ownership, and Memory in Palestine and Israel
  • Danny Hoffman, Professor, Anthopology, for Sparo: A Political Portrait 
  • Devin Naar for Another Race Problem: Sephardic Jews, Race, and Migration in the American Empire 

The fellowships provide research grants and membership to the Society for Scholarship.

List of Society of Scholarship Fellowships 2020