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Director’s Message: winter 2018

April 4, 2018

Resat Kasaba

Dear Friends,

A usual winter is a busy quarter for us. A large number of our seniors spent most of their  time  in their Task Force seminars. This year, we offered  11 Task Forces, which was the largest number ever.  Two of these seminars were held at the UW Rome Center in Italy. Studying questions of Brexit and international alliances while in Europe made this an even richer experience for our students.

Many of the student awards and recognitions start to be announced in winter quarter. Once again our students are making us proud with their exceptional accomplishments. Having the opportunity to be with such smart and motivated young people is a privilege we never take for granted. Especially in these times of growing international challenges, knowing that young people are eager to learn, serve and remain engaged gives us hope for the future.

Our Spring will be consumed with preparation of our Title VI applications for the U.S. Department of Education. This means our eight national resource centers will be participating in another intense round of competition. We are looking forward to a successful outcome, which will allow the Jackson School to continue its decades long tradition as the hub of international and area studies centers in our region of the United States.

Also in the Spring we are offering the third of the Trump in the World series of lectures. Each Tuesday another one of our colleagues is presenting a lecture on how the Trump administration and its policies are affecting another part of the globe or another issue of global importance. Having a wealth of expertise with up-to-date and original information about different places makes the Jackson School a very exciting place to work in. We are very pleased that we can share our expertise not only with our students but also with the public through this series.

I hope that you will enjoy reading more about these and some of our other activities and accomplishments in this newsletter.  I thank you for your interest and your continued support.

Reşat Kasaba
Director – Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
Stanley D. Golub Chair of International Studies