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Director’s message: Summer 2019

September 24, 2019

Each year, two days before the academic year begins the UW students organize a concert called “Fall Fling” outside the HUB. We in Thomson Hall complain about the noise which sometimes gets so high that our windows rattle and we can’t hear each other. Yet at the same time, Fall Fling is the undeniable sign that the autumn quarter is upon us. In addition to the beauty of the changing colors, we are looking forward to the excitement of having new students, classes, and programs in the coming months.

Even days before classes start, we are celebrating the success of our colleague Jessica Beyer, who is a co-recipient of a major National Science Foundation grant, Jackson School senior Gabriel Collins who is doing an internship in Washington D.C. as a Donald C. and Margery S. Hellmann Scholar. It is a testament to Joel Migdal’s deep influence as a teacher and mentor that approximately 30 of his students are flying from all over the world to mark his retirement on October 3.

We are also looking forward to participating in UW Global Month in November and hosting Stephen Walt for a timely discussion on U.S. foreign policy in December. These are but a handful of examples of what keeps me, my colleagues, and our students  always excited about our work.

With an ever growing number of exceptionally talented students, world-class faculty and dedicated staff, the Jackson School continues to be a leader in generating new ideas and affecting meaningful engagement in international studies.

It is my pleasure to welcome everybody, look forward to what is sure to be an exciting year,  and express my gratitude for your continuing interest and support.

Reşat Kasaba
Director – Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
Stanley D. Golub Chair of International Studies