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Christoph Giebel on the Vietnamese Revolution & demise of Western colonial empires

February 3, 2017

Hanoi, The uprising on August 19, 1945. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Christoph Giebel, associate professor of history and international studies, recently gave a talk on the Vietnamese Revolution as part of the History Department’s “Worlds Turned Upside Down: Five Revolutions that Shaped Our Times series.

[Watch the full version of the talk here]

Giebel says the Vietnamese Revolution accelerated the demise of Western colonial empires, foreshadowing decades of post-colonial interventionism around the world by consciously drawing on the American, French, and Russian Revolutions.

His research and teaching interests concern 20th century Viet Nam; comparative colonialism and French and U.S. imperialism in Southeast Asia; history, historiography, and memory; and the spatial representations of the wars in Viet Nam.

Christoph Giebel

Associate Professor of International Studies and History Christoph Giebel

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