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Book reviews by alumna Nabeeha Chaudhary published in The Missing Slate

April 7, 2016


Nabeeha Chaudhary

Nabeeha Chaudhary - Missing Slate book reviews

Two book reviews by alumna Nabeeha Chaudhary (M.A. South Asia, 2015) have been published in The Missing Slate Journal.

Chaudhary writes in her article “The Everyday and the Absurd” about the lesser observed sides of ethnic conflict in Pakistan in Oskar Verkaaik’s Migrants and Militants: Fun and Urban Violence in Pakistana book that takes a fascinating inside look at present-day political violence in Pakistan through historical ethnography, and Zenana: Everyday Peace in a Karachi Apartment Building by Laura A. Ring, a book which explores ethnic violence and the micro-mechanics of coexistence through an ethnographic study of a multi-ethnic, middle-class high-rise apartment building in Karachi.

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