Guidelines for Panelists and Chairs

REECAS NW Conference panels are one hour and thirty minutes in length, consisting of:

  • Chair, allotted a total of five minutes for panel and presenter introductions
  • Three or four panelists, allotted 15-20 minutes each
  • Chair and/or discussant, allotted maximum 10 minutes for comments/questions
  • Questions and group discussion of 20-30 minutes

As a general rule:

  • Applicants’ paper proposals should be limited to 300 words and be submitted through the online Proposal Submission Form.
  • In the interest of efficiency, the Chair and Discussant roles are usually combined at the REECAS Northwest conference. Panel Chairs are requested to please read their panel’s papers ahead of time and be prepared to comment on them and/or lead the Q and A period of their conference session.
  • Panel Chairs should contact panelists after panels are announced.
  • Panelists will receive paper-uploading instructions shortly before April 19, 2021. (This date is selected because we understand that panelists often want to work on their papers until shortly before the conference.) Upon receiving uploading instructions, panelists should upload their papers before the specified deadline in order to allow for time for panel chairs to read them.
  • Per ASEEES: “For an average 20-minute presentation, panelists should prepare papers no longer than 8 pages, double-spaced, to communicate in advance to the discussant. Presentations requiring additional explanation of data or images should be shorter. Panelists who send works longer than what they will actually present pose an undue burden on their discussant.”
  • Chairs are urged to announce their plans to keep time at the outset of the panel, in order to not discriminate between panelists, and to ensure time for the question and answer period.
  • Chairs should not allow any questions until after all presentations and the Chair’s responses are complete

Technology Available by Room: (Not Applicable during 2021)

  • CMU 120: Projector, VGA and HDMI connections
  • CMU 202: Projector, VGA and HDMI connections
  • CMU 218D: Smart TV Screen, VGA and HDMI connections
  • CMU 226: Projector, VGA and HDMI connections