Internships & Employment

Academic Credit for Internships and Practica

The Ellison Center strongly recommends students take advantage of the thriving international business, non-profit, and government communities in Seattle and elsewhere by pursuing an internship or practicum. The REECAS program offers two methods for students to earn academic credit for work experience while earning an M.A.

JSIS 497 Internship

Students may take a JSIS 497 Internship for up to 5 credits of their degree (not counted toward their major or minor). They are required to find a faculty advisor and then work with the advisor to design an academic assignment associated with the internship. A student can take from 1-5 credits (each credit = 3 weekly hours of work on the job or on the related research topic) for paid or unpaid internships.

JSIS 602 Practicum

For students interested in a more substantial professional experience, the Ellison Center encourages the JSIS 602 Practicum. This 5 credit course (at least 80-120 hours of work over the course of a quarter) includes designing learning objectives and completion of a significant project or evaluation in line with the student’s expertise and interests as well as a final write up and presentation about the experience. Whereas the internship option includes an academic assignment, the practicum deliverable should reflect professional work and be of use to the host site. Students must have an onsite advisor as well as a UW staff or faculty member who approves the practicum project with feedback from the onsite advisor. Students are encouraged to think creatively about applying their regional expertise to local projects. The practicum is Pass/Fail.

Please note: You must save each of the below documents on your computer before filling them out. Without first saving the documents, your information will not be recorded. 

JSIS 602 Practicum Daily Activity Log (PDF Form)

JSIS 602 LearningContract (PDF Form)