Shelton Woods

Boise, ID



Shelton Woods is Professor of East/Southeast Asian History at Boise State University. His NCTA seminars are held on campus at BSU.

Shelton was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States in his early twenties for university training.  He grew up just a few miles from the South China Sea and speaking numerous Malay-based languages.  He earned his MA in Modern Chinese History from California State University Northridge, and a PhD in Southeast Asian History from UCLA.  While working on his PhD he minored in the history of Tokugawa Japan, working with Dr. Fred Notehelfer.

Upon his graduation from UCLA, Dr. Woods was hired as an assistant professor at Boise State University where he continues to work. He has served as the associate dean and dean of the College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs at Boise State.

Dr. Woods’ twin professional passions are teaching and writing. He began teaching for EARC-NCTA in 2007. Working with teachers is a source of great professional joy for Dr. Woods. One of the reasons for this is because teachers who sign up for the EARC-NCTA seminars are keenly interested in becoming more effective in the classroom. They are addressed more as colleagues than students and together they work on how to communicate aspects of East Asia to a range of students.

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