Cybersecurity Classes

Jackson School Courses

JSIS B 355/555 – Cybersecurity and International Studies

This course addresses the major cybersecurity policy debates with a focus on international cybersecurity issues. Students will become conversant in basic technical terminology and legal frameworks related to cybersecurity. Topics include stockpiling vulnerabilities, critical infrastructure protection, encryption, Internet of Things, human behavior, international internet governance, and other pressing policy issues.

This class is usually offered autumn quarter.

JSIS B 480/581 – Fundamentals of Global Cybersecurity

This class takes an area and international studies approach to investigating the cybersecurity landscape. It covers the cybersecurity strategies of major international actors, regional cybersecurity dynamics, major policy debates, famous cyberattacks, and the state of international cybersecurity.

This class is usually offered spring quarter.

JSIS 495 – Task Force

The Task Force course is the capstone course for the International Studies major. Only International Studies majors may take Task Force. More about Task Force and be found here.

Every year, there is a cybersecurity policy focused Task Force. Past topics include: US cybersecurity policy, extremist use of social media, international election security, and international internet governance.

This class is always offered winter quarter.

JSIS B 427/527 – Weapons of Mass Destruction: Development, Deployment, and Detection

This class provides a practical understanding of the development of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons plus missile delivery systems; proliferation detection technology and its limitations; and case studies of past and current arms control agreements and non-proliferation programs. It also covers cybersecurity as a potential emerging international WMD issue.

This class is usually offered spring quarter.

Cybersecurity Across the UW

IMT 559 Cybersecurity Functions and Trends

INFO 415 Emerging Topics in Information Assurance and CybersecurityPrerequisite: INFO 310.

IMT 555 Foundations of Cybersecurity