Arctic News

Ukiuqta’qtumi Hivuniptingnun: One Arctic, One Future

March 19, 2018

Young, O'Toole, Kublu

Climate change in an international perspective: Science, Art, and Activism

March 19, 2018

2018 Arctic 391 Class

Welcome Mark Mallory, UW’s Fulbright Canada Visiting Chair in Arctic Studies!

January 18, 2018


Association for Canadian Studies in U.S. Biennial Meeting in Las Vegas

December 14, 2017

Brandon Ray and Amy Delo at ACSUS 2017

Forest Sámis Go West

November 20, 2017

Inge Frisk

Energy Summit and My Carbon Footprint

October 19, 2017

BRay at 2017 Arctic Energy Summit

“We Are Still Here”: Sámi Resilience and Resistance

October 19, 2017

Anders-Sunna-We-Are-Still-Here-2017-_-Foto-Monica-Anette-Svorstøl Trondheim

Climate Change and Public Health: A Canadian Perspective

October 12, 2017


International Policy Institute Arctic Fellows write blog series for World Policy Institute

October 12, 2017

#2 IPI Blog Series World Policy Institute

Understanding Indigenous Influence in International Relations

October 12, 2017

#1 2017 Indigenous Influence in Intl Relations