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Televised symposium on Arctic sea ice loss

Mathieu Landriault (Centre for International Policy Studies, Center for the Study of Canada at Trent University), Alison Cook (University of Ottawa), Eilis Quinn (reporter for Eye on the Arctic), and Nadine Fabbi (University of Washington) at the University of Ottawa.

March 20, 2020

The Center partnered with University of Ottawa’s Centre for International Policy Studies to sponsor the televised symposium on sea ice changes in the Canadian Arctic.

 The Center and the Jackson School’s International Policy Institute, along with the Center for Global Studies, co-sponsored two televised panels at the University of Ottawa in January, titled “A Melting Arctic: Implications of Sea-Ice Loss on Governing the Arctic.”

The first panel, “Military Operations and Arctic Sea Ice Loss” was moderated by Mark Salter, Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, and featured Lieutenant Commander Sylvain Bernier from the Royal Canadian Navy and Major Conrad Schubert, Vice Commander in the Joint Task Force North, Canadian Forces.

The second panel, “Arctic Reporting, Shipping and Governance” was moderated by Nadine Fabbi, managing director of the Canadian Studies Center and co-lead for the International Policy Institute’s Arctic Initiative at the Henry M. Jackson School of International. The panelists for this topic were Eilis Quinn, reporter for Eye on the Arctic, Alison Cook, post-doctoral researcher at the University of Ottawa, and Mathieu Landriault, research associate at the Centre for International Policy Studies and research fellow at the Center for the Study of Canada at Trent University.

The televised symposium was sponsored by: Centre for International Policy Studies, University of Ottawa; International Policy Institute, Canadian Studies Center and the Center for Global Studies, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington; Institute for Science, Society and Policy, University of Ottawa; North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network; and Observatoire de la politique et la sécurité de l’Arctique, École nationale d’administration publique.