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First virtual intern at Canadian Consulate

September 3, 2020

Madison Welsh, a political science major, was awarded a virtual internship to work with the Consulate General of Canada in Seattle this fall quarter.

Madison is majoring in political science and is deeply curious about how Canadian politics fits into the larger Canada-U.S. relationship. Working for the Canadian government has been a life-long dream for her. She hopes that this internship will be a stepping stone to work in Washington D.C. perhaps for the State Department. “I am honored to … work to better the relationship between the two nations that mean so much to me.”

At the Consulate Madison will be working on specialized projects having to do with economic and political polities between Canada and the United States (in Washington State, Alaska, Idaho and Oregon). She will receive internship credits from the Jackson School of International Studies for her work.

The International Learning Assignment Program (virtual internship) provides interns with an opportunity to learn about Canada-U.S. relationship from Canadian diplomats and governmental affairs experts. Interns will engage in political and economic research, support policy development and advocacy efforts, and think creatively and practically about digital diplomacy.

The International Learning Assignment is a partnership between the Consulate General of Canada, Seattle; the Canadian Studies Center in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington (UW); and, UW’s Career and Internship Center.