Global Island Workshop

Global Island Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, October 17

6pm — 8pm Welcome dinner for early arrivals* Din Tai Fung, University Village

Thursday, October 18

9am — 9:15am Pastries, fruit, and coffee
HUB 340
9:15am — 9:30am Introductory Remarks Bill Lavely (UW), Lorri Hagman (UW Press)
9:30am — 11:30am Panel 1: Global Networks and Embedded Taiwan Youth, Festival, and Democracy in Nantou Mongka

  • Graeme Read (Australian National University)

Arriving and Fleeing: the Image Resistance from Southeast Asia in Sinophone Communities in Pinoy-Sunday and Ye Zai

  • Tzu-chin Insky Chen (UCLA)

Historicizing Noise: Health, Science, and the Global Acoustic Network in 1930s and 2000s Taiwan

  • Jennifer Hsieh (Harvard)
11:30am — 12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm — 2:30pm Panel 2: Subversive Taiwan Access to International Courts: Peaceful Settlement Options for Taiwan to Resolve Fishing Disputes with Other States

  • Wen-Ning Chang (UW)

The Making of a “Heroine”: Huang Bamei and the Politics of Wartime History in Post-War Taiwan, 1945-1982

  • Weiting Guo (Simon Fraser)

It Paid to be Taiwanese: Drugs, Opportunism, and Collaboration in Southern Fujian, 1895-1938

  • Peter Thilly (U. of Mississippi)
2:30pm — 2:40pm Coffee break and snacks or fruit
2:40pm — 4:00pm Panel 3: Taiwan in the World Placing Tea: Mobility, Territory, and the Agricultural Transfer between Taiwan and the Southeast Asian Highlands

  • Po-yi Hung (National Taiwan University)

In the Vanguard: A Taiwanese Agrarian Development Model for the Global South, 1959-1980

  • James Lin (UW)
Free time
5:30pm — 7pm Dinner Reception* HUB 214
7pm — 8:30pm Keynote Speech Wen-hsin Yeh (UC Berkeley) HUB 250


Friday, October 19


Time Event Presenters Venue
9:15am — 9:30am Pastries, fruit, and coffee
HUB 340
9:30am — 11:30am Panel 4: Reorienting colony and empire History, Folklore, and the Red-Haired: The Influence of the Dutch Colonial Presence on Taiwan

  • Peter Kang (National Donghwa University / Academia Sinica)

Horai rice and the Making of Colonial Ideology in Japanese-Ruled Taiwan

  • Wei Yi Leow (National University of Singapore)

The Art of being Intermediate: the Qing Empire, Hokkienese Conquistadors, and Taiwan, 1680-1800

  • Cheng-Heng Lu (Emory)
11:30am — 11:40am Coffee break
11:40am — 1pm Panel 5: Taiwan as Method Re-centering Taiwan: Archipelagic Optics in Wu Ming-Yi’s Literary World

  • Yi-Ting Chang (Penn State)

Rethinking family maintenance in challenged expectations: Taiwan as a theoretical ground

  • JhuCin Rita Jhang (UT Austin)
1pm — 2pm Lunch
2pm — 4pm Panel 6: Indigeneity and Identity Taiwan’s Intersectional Cosmopolitanism: Local Women’s Contributions to Building Community in Colonial Contexts and Beyond

  • Melissa Brown (Harvard)

Translating ‘savages’ for the world: EuroAmerican Perspectives on the ‘Bootang’ tribes

  • Douglas Fix (Reed)

Cultivating Personhood in a Taiwan Village (1959-1961)

  • Jing Xu (UW)
4pm — 4:20pm Walk to South Campus Center
4:20 — 5:20pm Roundtable and Plenary Discussion: Toward a Theory of ‘Taiwan and the World’ Gary Hamilton (UW)
Shiho Maehara (Kyushu University)
Rwei-ren Wu (Academia Sinica)
SCC 354
5:30pm — 7pm Closing Dinner Reception* Vista Cafe and Terrace, Foege Hall

* Dinners for workshop presenters, participants, and invitees only. RSVP required.