Global Island Workshop

Global Island: Taiwan and the World Workshop

University of Washington, Seattle
Taiwan Studies Program

October 18-19, 2018

Update: the post-workshop report is now available to read.

From an island embedded within early modern trade networks, in its interactions with colonial and imperial powers, and as a site for development and democracy, Taiwan has been shaped by its global connections and in turn changed the world.  Understanding Taiwan within a global context reveals not just how Taiwan’s history, society, and culture have unfolded, but also how Taiwan has played a crucial role in transnational processes as a site of global production.

The “Global Island” workshop imagines Taiwan within new spatial and chronological contexts, and reorients Taiwan studies away from traditional imaginations of Taiwan as limited to comparatives or cross-straits relations.  This academic workshop will explore the implications of Taiwan’s connections with the world on Taiwanese society and culture, as well as Taiwan’s influence upon the rest of the world.

Over a dozen scholars from around the globe will assemble on the University of Washington campus to discuss works-in-progress over two days:

  • Graeme Read (Australian National University)
  • Tzu-chin Insky Chen (UCLA)
  • Jennifer Hsieh (Harvard)
  • Melissa Brown (Harvard)
  • Douglas Fix (Reed)
  • Jing Xu (UW)
  • Po-yi Hung (National Taiwan University)
  • James Lin (UW)
  • Peter Kang (National Donghwa University / Academia Sinica)
  • Wei Yi Leow (National University of Singapore)
  • Cheng-Heng Lu (Emory)
  • Yi-Ting Chang (Penn State)
  • JhuCin Rita Jhang (UT Austin)
  • Wen-Ning Chang (UW)
  • Peter Thilly (Univ. of Mississippi)
  • Weiting Guo (Simon Fraser)
  • Shiho Maehara (Kyushu University)
  • Rwei-ren Wu (Academia Sinica)
  • Gary Hamilton (UW)

Professor Wen-hsin Yeh (UC Berkeley) will present the public keynote lecture, “Narrating Taiwan: the Local, the Global, and the Multiple.”

For more information:

Keynote Address


Workshop Report