Taiwan and the World

Taiwan studies is a dynamic, emerging, interdisciplinary field in need of scholarly, book length inquiries into themes germane to Taiwan’s history and society. Among these are the island’s consecutive colonizations, rapid economic growth, maturing democracy, evolving national identity, race and ethnicity, indigenous peoples, social and cultural change, and contested international position in the shadow of a rising China. This new series will highlight these themes and more, as they affect interactions between Taiwan and the larger world. Taiwan has not only been influenced by global capitalism, migration, colonialism, and modernity, but has also contributed to and shaped these forces in unique ways.

The Taiwan and the World series seeks to publish leading-edge scholarship on Taiwan, including works of history, social science, and humanities, and covering the early modern, late modern, and contemporary periods. We are particularly interested in single-authored books that advance the field of Taiwan studies by providing new theoretical insights, exploring intersections of multiple social science and humanities disciplines, and challenging preexisting assumptions. We welcome innovative works that will advance the teaching of Taiwan studies, inform policy discussions, and interest general readers.


For information on how to submit a book proposal, please refer to the series page at University of Washington Press.


Series Editors