The Age of Charisma

Understanding the Charismatic Personality
  • Author:
  • Taso Lagos
  • Publisher: Ethics Press
  • Date: 2023
The Age of Charisma

Charisma encompasses power, popularity, and influence. Yet behind the curtain, complexity, chaos, and insecurity lurk. Examining the lives of charismatic personalities in a variety of fields (religion, entertainment, business, sects, etc) a picture emerges of distorted, unfulfilled souls yearning for the limelight by an inescapable force they cannot understand yet which fuels their very existence. The Age of Charisma: Understanding the Charismatic Personality examines personalities from their earliest upbringings to their often tragic end, examining the similarities that brings the charismatic to the glowing stage of fame that only temporarily assuages wounds from unhappy childhoods. The charismatic personality has always been part of human history, but they shine brighter today thanks in part to our media-dominated landscape and the growing reliance on visual rather than written communication. Ours is a golden time for such enigmatic personalities; their social influence and idolatry have never been greater.

This book is written for scholars, instructors and researchers broadly interested in charisma as a social phenomenon and as the product of an expansive reality dominated by screens.