Social Change in a Peripheral Society

Creation of a Balkan Colony
  • Author:
  • Daniel Chirot
  • Publisher: New York: Academic Press
  • Date: 1976
Social Change in a Peripheral Society

Social Change in a Peripheral Society: The Creation of a Balkan Colony focuses on the nature of social change in peripheral societies, societies on the margins of the capitalist European world that have been absorbed by the dynamic industrial economies and turned into “colonial or “neocolonial societies.

This book emphasizes the theory of an interdependent world-system dominated by core societies that subject, by direct or indirect means, peripheral societies. Studies on several peripheral societies, primarily those in the contemporary “third world , that are in the former colonies of Europe in Latin America, Asia, and Africa are also described.

This text likewise explains the tremendous vitality of European capitalism by deliberating the difference between Ottoman and capitalist exploitation of Romania.

This publication is beneficial to historians, economists, and anthropologists interested in the social change in peripheral society.