Politische Öffentlichkeit im modernen Staat

(The Political Public in the Modern State)
  • Author:
  • Sabine Lang
  • Publisher: Nomos Publishing
  • Date: 2001
The Political Public in the Modern State

This study develops a topography of public politics in the first half of the 19th century and explores the political and social power relations, out of which the modern public space has developed. Based on a rich source of public representation in Württemberg 1819-1864 it becomes clear that the thinning of the public is systematically related to the state of the political fence in close forms and institutions on the one hand, the identification of masculinity with policy on the other. This leads the author from the finding that the revitalization of public that is echoed in the current discussions about civil society and communitarianism, without changes in the institutional and political structures and in the gender arrangements has no chances of realization.