The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems

  • Co-Editor:
  • Robert Pekkanen with Erik S. Herron and Matthew S. Shugart
  • Publisher: Oxford Handbooks
  • Date: April 12, 2018
The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems
  • The volume provides an in-depth exploration of the origins and effects of electoral systems.
  • Contributions from the top scholars in the field cover the design and adoption of election rules, how rules influence representation, policy, and the functions of other institutions, and the emerging horizons of electoral systems research.
  • The book addresses key theoretical questions and methodological approaches that will guide elections research in the decades to come and should serve as a key resource for scholars, students, and practitioners.
  • As a developed field that has changed substantially over recent years, the study of electoral systems is particularly ripe for a Handbook.
  • The book addresses electoral systems and their consequences, including assessments of elections in countries that have held, or will be holding, contentious votes. Chapters on elections in the United States, France, and Germany are especially noteworthy as the rise of populism in democratic societies has raised the profile of these contests.