De escándalo en escándalo

Cómo las revelaciones periodísticas construyeron la opinión pública en México
  • Author:
  • Vanessa Freije
  • Publisher: Siglo Veintiuno Editores
  • Date: 2023
De escándalo en escándalo

“From Scandal to Scandal. How Journalistic Revelations Built Public Opinion in Mexico”

This book examines the causes and consequences of some of the most emblematic political scandals in Mexico at the end of the 20th century. Using unpublished historical sources, it analyzes the influence that journalistic reports had on both popular imaginations and internal government debates. By the 1980s, political scandals of the most diverse variety—from rumors of forced sterilization in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl to government censorship of Sánchez’s Children—were a daily part of the national media diet.

Addressing cases of embezzlement, torture, police violence, and electoral fraud, among other issues, investigations and complaints ended up being an important, if unpredictable, mechanism for political representation, while also offering collective opportunities to express popular discontent and often forcing federal officials to be accountable and confront that discontent. The author exposes how the circulation of scandals aired by journalism had transformative effects on political and citizen culture, especially in large Mexican cities. So,

By focusing on the corruption scandals with the greatest impact, this book reveals the tensions between freedom of expression and (self-)censorship due to fear for personal or family safety, but above all it offers a precise x-ray of the public sphere. Mexican and the complex game between transparency and secrecy that defines it.