Cooking Greek, Becoming American

Forty Years at Seattle’s Continental Restaurant
  • Author:
  • Taso Lagos
  • Publisher: McFarland
  • Date: 2021
Cooking Greek, Becoming American

When Taso G. Lagos began to memorialize his family’s beloved Greek restaurant The Continental, he wrestled with 40 years of history and a clientele that stretched for generations. His family bought into the operation without a clue how to run an eatery, yet in time they became linchpins of their Seattle neighborhood. Customers became friends, and meals turned into memories. It wasn’t only the food or the company, though. The Continental also served as an entry point into mainstream culture for a family who had just arrived in the United States as Greek immigrants a few years prior. While the Lagoses cooked and cared for many people, they also learned valuable lessons about what it means to be “American.”

This memoir illuminates life in a Greek restaurant through the experiences of one member of a restauranteur family. It also emphasizes the role of restaurants as vital social institutions that often provide immigrants with a dynamic space for acculturation. Readers will learn the many ways a family restaurant adds culture and richness to a community.

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