An Ever-Closer Party?

The Institutionalization of the European Green Party After the 2019 European Election

Book Chapter appearing in Die Europawahl 2019. Ringen um die Zukunft Europas

  • Co-Author:
  • Niko Switek with Kristina Weissenbach
  • Publisher: Wiesbaden: Springer VS
  • Date: 2020
Die Europawahl 2019

This article assesses long-term effects of the introduction of leading candidates on the institutionalization of the European Green Party. Our analysis combines social media and manifesto data with qualitative interviews and a media analysis. Strong election results in 2019 as well as an increasing perception as a mainstream-actor point to an objectively and externally institutionalized party. However, in the internal dimension the influence of the candidates in conjunction with programmatic disparities undermine the status of a routinized and influential Europarty.