Steve Smith

Ph.D. 2016, 2013 Cohort
Lt. Colonel Steve Smith

Dissertation Project

Winning Friends and Influencing People with Guns: Understanding the Growth of Chinese Military Diplomacy

Professional Background

US Air Force Officer, Asia-Pacific Regional Affairs Strategist


Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Qualitative Research Methods



Lieutenant Colonel Steve Smith’s research focuses on understanding the growth of China’s military diplomacy activity since 2002. Steve is currently an active-duty Air Force officer. He earned his commission in 1999 after graduating from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Asian Studies and minors in Aerospace Studies and Chinese Language and Literature. Steve completed a variety of operational and staff assignments before earning an M.A. in International Politics with an emphasis on Chinese Politics and Diplomacy while studying as an Olmsted Scholar at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Most recently, Steve earned an M.Phil. in Military Strategy at the Air Force’s School of Advanced Air and Space Studies.


Grants & Fellowhips

Post Graduation

Professor of Aerospace Studies and Commander, AFROTC Detachment 860 at Utah State University

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