Shixin Huang

Ph.D. 2022, 2018 Cohort IPI Disability Inclusive Development Fellow
Shixin Huang

Dissertation Project

Disability Rights Movement in China

Professional Background

NGO Researcher & Project Manager


Qualitative methods, Chinese, training facilitation



Shixin Huang is a Ph.D. student in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Her research focuses on the disability rights movement in contemporary China. She is interested in understanding how the international norms of disability rights come into China and interact with the authoritarian politics to shape disability activism on the ground.

Shixin worked in the field of disability rights advocacy in China and served as the principal manager of an EU-funded campaign to promote community empowerment and the education, employment, legal capacity, and cultural identity rights of persons with disabilities. In addition to her research, Shixin continues to work closely with grassroots NGOs promoting advocacy campaigns and facilitating disability equality training for the disability community, lawyers, NGO workers, journalists and others. She has written popular articles on newspaper and social media on disability rights in China.

Shixin holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Hong Kong and Master of Political Sociology from the London School of Economics.


Huang, S. (forthcoming in 2018) From charity to socio-economic right: Understanding the rights to work and employment of people with disabilities, in Zhang, W. (Ed), Disability and justice. Beijing, China: Social Science Academic Press (in Chinese).

Huang, S. (2016). An inescapable marginal trap? A qualitative research on the working situation of people with disability, in Zhang,W. (Ed), Disability rights studies in China (pp. 151-168). Beijing, China: Social Science Academic Press (in Chinese).

Huang, S., Yang, Qi., Guo, B. (2015). Institutional discrimination of civil servant recruitment in China. Anti-Discrimination Law Review, 00, 33-55. (in Chinese)

Huang, S. (2014). The enforcement of regulations on open government information: A monitoring report from civil society. Retrieved from d=8&id=101 (in Chinese).  (NGO Report)

Grants & Fellowships

Richard Wesley Fellow, Jackson School, University of Washington, 2018-2019


Dissertation Committee