Kelsey Gilman

Ph.D. Student (2018 Cohort)
Kelsey Gilman

Dissertation Project

Indigenous Movements for Plurinationality in Ecuador

Professional Background






Kelsey’s research focuses on the formation of neoliberal hegemonies in Ecuador.  She is particularly interested in how neoliberalism works to educate the desires of different groups across the class spectrum to cultivate consent for vast discrepancies in power and wealth. Taking the Andes as a region of focus, she examines the role of indigenous intellectuals as representatives between worlds, tasked with articulating demands for epistemic equality on behalf of their communities to the state. The foundations of her work in indigenous movements relies on her travel, work, and research experiences in Latin America.

Kelsey earned her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and MA in History at Western Washington University.  Previously, she taught high-school history in Pasco, Washington.

Grants & Fellowships

Kathleen Keller Memorial Scholarship for Women Studying History, 2013