Hayim Katsman

Ph.D. 2021
Hayim Katsman headshot


Dissertation Project: “Religious-Nationalism in Israel/Palestine”

Hayim Katsman’s research focuses on the interrelations of religion and politics in the Middle-East, focusing on Israel/Palestine. Hayim specifically works on the religious-Zionist movement in Israel, highlighting the heterogeniety of the movement. Developing an innovative sociological framework to discuss recent social, ideological and religious trends within the religious-Zionist sector in Israel, Hayim’s research challenges the prevalent conceptualization of religious-Zionism as a sui generis ideology. Through analysis of different religious-Zionist subcultures, he demonstrates how the tension between religion and modernity is manifested in the everyday lives of individuals and communities, each offering a novel understanding of the place of religion in the public and private life.


Awards & Scholarships

  • 2020, Baruch Kimmerling prize for best graduate paper, Association for Israel Studies.
  • 2019-2020, library fellow, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.
  • 2019, Israel Studies Graduate Grant, University of Washington
  • 2019, Maurice and Louis Schwartz Endowment Fellowship, Department of Near and Middle-Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Washington.