Hayim Katsman

Ph.D. Candidate (2017 Cohort)
Hayim Katsman


Dissertation Project: “Religious-Nationalism in Israel/Palestine: The case of religious-Zionism and Hamas.”

Hayim Katsman’s research focuses on the interrelations of religion and politics in the Middle-East, focusing on Israel/Palestine. Focusing on the religious-Zionist movement and the settlement enterprise in the West Bank and Gaza, Hayim’s research shows how developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have affected religious Zionists’ theological interpretations of the Israeli state. Hayim’s research compares those developments to the political changes that the Palestinian Islamist Resistance Movement (Hamas) has undergone.

Hayim was born to a Jewish orthodox family, and before coming to UW, he lived in a Kibbutz (collective agricultural community) on the Israel-Gaza-Egypt border, where he worked as a car mechanic for the past four years. Hayim received his B.A in philosophy and political science from the Open University of Israel, and completed his M.A thesis on the political theology of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginzburg at the Department of Politics and Government in Ben-Gurion University.


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