Hayim Katsman

Ph.D. Candidate (2017 Cohort)
Hayim Katsman


Dissertation Project: “Religious-Nationalism in Israel/Palestine”

Hayim Katsman’s research focuses on the interrelations of religion and politics in the Middle-East, focusing on Israel/Palestine. Hayim’s research looks into recent developments within the Israeli national-religious sector. The dissertation describes the post-Zionist trend among West Bank settlers, the turn to Libertarianism and participation in American-funded neo-liberal think tanks, and the “internal settlement” of four new religious communities in the “Halutza sands” of southern Israel. Through the analysis of these different subcultures, Hayim’s research demonstrates how the tension between religion and modernity is manifested in the everyday lives of individuals and communities, each offering a novel understanding of the place of religion in the public and private life.