Gina Esposito

Program Coordinator
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Gina Esposito (she/her) is the Program Coordinator at the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies (UW JSIS) Office of Academic Services (OAS). Her name is pronounced: JEE-nuh S-poe-SEE-toe.

Here at JSIS OAS… I work closely with faculty and staff to help with course planning and maintaining JSIS course listings on the Time Schedule. I also help coordinate programs and events such as the annual JSIS Convocation.

I like thinking about and studying… history, society, and culture through fiction. Novels and short stories from authors such as Isabel Cañas and Mariana Enríquez almost always lead me down weeks of historical and political rabbit holes.

My first year in college… was a bigger adjustment than I thought it would be. I had been a Running Start student in high school and didn’t think college would feel very different. College did in fact feel very different! I loved exploring Capitol Hill as a Seattle University student and quickly lost motivation for homework and studying when it felt like there was always something fun to do around campus or the neighborhood. I finally began attending professor’s office hours and utilizing study center resources after some shocking midterm grades in my first quarter. My midterm grades were a humbling lesson that led me to appreciate any and all academic resources for students.


  • Seattle University, Master of Public Administration
  • Seattle University, B.A. in Business Management