Carlos Yanez Navarro

Ph.D. Student (2023 Cohort)


Carlos Alberto (He/Him/His) is a DACAmented PHD student in the Jackson School of International Studies focusing on researching Latin American Migration, Domestic Migrant Rights and the evolving mechanisms of deportation and expanding border infrastructure. Prior to joining the Jackson school, Carlos was a community organizer involved in immigration advocacy at the local/ federal level and was a legal assistant working with Asylum seekers suffering from mental health issues under the Franco Gonzales class litigation suit providing migrants with Pro-Bono representation in Asylum, U-Visa, VAWA, Humanitarian Parole, AOS, CAT, WOR and other relief cases.

Carlos Alberto received three bachelor’s degrees from Arizona State University in 2020, one in Political Science and the other two in Justice Studies and Transborder Immigration Policy along with four undergraduate certificates in Human Rights, Socio-Legal Studies, International Studies and Brazilian Studies. He Received his M.A in Human Rights Practice in 2021 from the University of Arizona.