Andrew Chater

2018-2019 Chair in Arctic Studies


Dr. Andrew Chater will visit the University of Washington from February through June 2019, where he will be lecturing at the University and completing a research project on Indigenous peoples in international relations. Dr. Chater’s research will specifically analyze this in relation to the Arctic Council, which is the major international institution for the Arctic region, made up of all of the Arctic states and six Indigenous peoples’ organizations.

Dr. Chater’s previous work and dissertation on the Arctic Council made the University of Washington a natural fit for his research.In addition to completing a manuscript and gaining new and diverse research connections, Dr. Chater hopes to bring his unique experience back to Brescia to help further enhance the University’s research profile. Dr. Chater is both humbled and motivated by this unique honour, saying, “I feel a sense of responsibility to make the most of this opportunity. I also feel a healthy amount of pressure to produce a quality research product. I believe 59 Fulbright alumni have won a Nobel Prize, so it is an intimidating and inspiring group!”