Alden Rose

BS, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; BA, Danish


Alden Rose is majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Danish. One of her most meaningful experiences at UW was an exchange at the University of Copenhagen, where she was a Scan|Design Fellow. It was then that she decided that she wanted to pursue graduate school for Immunology in Denmark and eventually work in the biomedical field. She has a wide range of interests including travel, languages, public health, urban planning, conservation biology, climate science, genomics, and is an avid musician. She works as the administrator for the Scan|Design Foundation at UW and as an undergraduate research assistant in the Ladiges Lab, which does research into Alzheimer’s Disease. She volunteers her time to international students at UW and to the Danish community in Seattle, working to maintain cultural exchange and understanding with the Northwest Danish Association. On campus, she is a mentor for Biology Students for Equity, an officer for the Scandinavian Club, and a Mortar Board Tolo Chapter Member. She one day hopes to consult with a hospital as an Immunologist and be directly involved in patient interactions, helping people get the life-saving therapies they need.