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The Ellison Center is a leading National Resource Center funded by the Title VI Program of the US Department of Education to promote in-depth interdisciplinary study of the many post-communist subregions. Through our research and programs, we seek to understand the legacies of the imperial and communist past and analyze the emerging institutions and identities that will shape Eurasia’s future from Vienna to Vladivostok.
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FLAS Notes from the Field: Finding Russia in Seattle

August 24, 2016

Posted by: rldavis

Seattle sunset, by Tiffany Von Arnim

UW Jackson School of International Studies and Slavic Language & Literatures undergraduate Mary-Elizabeth Mayer is currently on a Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship (FLAS) to study intensive Russian language at the University of

FLAS Notes from the Field: Russia’s Great Cities

July 21, 2016

Posted by: rldavis

UW junior and Electrical Engineering major Molly O’Brien is currently on a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she is studying with CIEE (Council on International

China-Russia Cybersecurity Cooperation: Working Towards Cyber-Sovereignty

June 21, 2016

Posted by: jlbeyer


The closeness of China and Russia’s cybersecurity relationship is not dependent on their ties with each other, but is defined in relation to the US. Instead of augmenting the trust or preventing cyber-espionage between the two countries, Sino-Russian cybersecurity cooperation is a strategic move to challenge US dominance over the Internet.