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South Korea and Internet Censorship

November 22, 2017

Posted by: Jessica Beyer


After the April 16, 2014 Sewol ferry tragedy, the public criticized President Park Geun-Hye for her handling of the emergency situation. People were angry because they believed the government disseminated

U.S.-China Cybersecurity Cooperation

September 8, 2017

Posted by: Jessica Beyer


Since the early 2000s, cyber espionage issues have strained U.S.-China relations. In response, the U.S. and China entered into a cybersecurity agreement in 2015 to decrease economic espionage between the

Japan’s Cybersecurity Strategy: Deterring China with Selective Engagements

May 17, 2017

Posted by: Jessica Beyer

Backlit Japanese Keyboard

Under the current Abe administration, Japanese policy-makers have significantly enhanced Japan’s cyber-defense capabilities due to growing cybersecurity tensions in the United States’s relations with China, Russia, and North Korea. Given Japan’s position as a central U.S. diplomatic, economic, and military ally, Japan’s actions are increasingly critical to the strategic balance in the region.