Anand Yang

Anand Yang

Anand A. Yang is Professor of International Studies and History at the University of Washington, Seattle. Between 2002 and 2010, he was Director of the Henry M. Jackson School of...
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Paris Attacks: Making Sense of the World

November 25, 2015

Posted by: thormm

“What’s important to remember about ISIS ideology that is not mentioned enough is their belief that the apocalypse is coming,” said Jackson School of International Studies Professor Daniel Chirot to

Prof. Ken Pyle: influencer, scholar, leader

November 3, 2015

Posted by: thormm

Professor Ken Pyle

Leading-edge in international studies  Professor Kenneth B. Pyle may be retiring this year after 51 years of full-time teaching at the Jackson School of International Studies, but his influential role on

Teaching Asia with The Seattle Times

May 11, 2015

Posted by: kriscb

Over 30 Seattle area K-12 teachers learned the latest on “Global Asia: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” this year, thanks to a unique, decade-long collaboration between The Seattle Times and the