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JSIS 495B Task Force: James Lin – Averting War: Taiwan and US-China Relations

Task Force 2024

Faculty James Lin headshot

Faculty Adviser

Faculty James Lin headshot

James Lin

Assistant Professor


In 2021, The Economist dedicated an issue to Taiwan titled “The Most Dangerous Place on Earth.” After China’s 2022 missile launches off Taiwan’s shores and an emerging “Cold War” between the US and China, Taiwan has become a potential site for global armed conflict. “Averting War” will critically assess the rising tensions between the US, China, and Taiwan and offer recommendations to address the possibility of war breaking out in the Taiwan Strait. The Task Force will delve into the domestic political, economic, and social factors driving conflict from three parties–Taiwan, China, and the US–as well as international relations and diplomatic history readings on what causes and resolves conflicts. The Task Force report will offer government policymakers a comprehensive analysis of Taiwan-US-China relations and a concrete policy recommendation to reduce tensions, address structural obstacles, and increase communication and cooperation between all parties.

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