Scott L Montgomery

Lecturer, Jackson School of Int'l. Studies
Scott Montgomery



Scott L Montgomery is an affiliate faculty member in the Jackson School, where he has taught courses related to energy resources and geopolitics, sustainability, and climate change since 2003. Trained as a geoscientist, with 25 years experience in the energy industry, he is the author of many scientific and policy-related publications on energy matters, and the well-received volume Powers that Be:  Global Energy for the 21st Century and Beyond (Chicago, 2010). He has also written extensively about scientific communication, translation, and language studies. His publications on these subjects have appeared in many journals, including, Science and Nature, and several books, most recently Does Science Need a Global Language? English and the Future of Research (2013). His current projects include three books:  Hope for Change:  Nuclear Power in the Post-Fukushima Era (with Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr.); The Shape of the New: Ideas in the Making of Our World, From Enlightenment to Reaction (Princeton, forthcoming 2015); A World History of Pre-Modern Science (Routledge, forthcoming 2014).  His courses related to Russia and Central Asia include: Geopolitics of Oil (Spring), Energy Security (Winter), and Energy and Sustainability in East Asia (Summer). He has also taught two Task Force courses on energy politics in Central Asia.