Elena Campbell

Associate Professor, Department of History


Elena Campbell teaches undergraduate courses on the history of imperial Russia (1700-1917), the history of St. Petersburg/Leningrad (1703-1991), the empire and nationalism in tsarist Russia, and history and memory. She offers graduate seminars on historiography and primary sources of imperial Russia, as well as on empire and nationalism in Russian history.

Her first book – The Muslim Question and Russian Imperial Governance (forthcoming with the Indiana University press in October 2014) – examines how imperial Russia dealt with its Muslim subjects in the late 19th – early 20th centuries as state driven modernization and growing nationalism were transforming the empire’s relationship with its many different ethnic and religious communities. She uses what was historically known as the “Muslim Question,” – in Russian, “Musul’manskii vopros” – as a prism through which to explore Russia’s complex imperial relations and changing political culture in the late imperial period.

Elena Campbell’s next book project takes the study of the Russian imperial experience into a new direction. By linking histories of politics, economics, environment, science, and culture, this project seeks to explore the creation of the modern Russian North during the late imperial-early Soviet period.