Christopher Campbell

Chair of the Department of Urban Design and Planning


Research Interests:

Planning Theory and Culture, Community Processes and Structures, Place and Identity, Participatory and Community-based Education, Post-Soviet Russian Planning Practice and Policy

My research focuses on community and place-making at different scales and in different settings. I am particularly interested in the social aspects of place-making and the intersection of design, social behavior, and culture. My forthcoming book, titled Making Los Angeles: Constructing a Sense of Place Out of Ordinary Urban Space (Yale Cultural Series, Paradigm Publishers), looks at how people routinely draw upon underlying symbolic grammars to construct a sense of place in very un-place-like urban settings. I am also developing a research track in Russian urban planning and design. With Professor Frank Westerlund (UW) and Professor Irina Kukina (KSAACE), I founded and continue to run the Seattle/Krasnoyarsk Exchange Program on Urban Policy, Planning, and Education. This program promotes research and student, faculty, and professional exchanges between the University of Washington and Krasnoyarsk Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Krasnoyarsk, Russia (Siberia).