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Uzarchive of The Republic of Uzbekistan

Logo Uzarchive

August 31, 2016

Uzarchive  of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Агенство «Узархив» при Кабинете Республики Узбекистан

O’zbekiston Respublikasi Vazirlar Mahkamasi Huzuridagi “O’zarxiv” Agentligi

The main objectives of Uzarchive are:

To implement the unified state policy in the area of archival records and records management;
to ensure practical implementation and realization of the state control over the state archives and records management; to form, preserve, register and to use the documents of the National Archival Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan; to analysis the archives and manage the records, the study of trends and patterns, defining directions of its development; as well as to study and disseminate advanced domestic and foreign experience in the field of archives and records management.

The Uzarchive performs the following functions:

It develops and implements the state program for the development of archives and records supporting activities; organizes and carries out the work in the prescribed manner for the development of the network and improve the structure of the state archives, supervises the activities of the state archives of the Republic of Uzbekistan; organizes and coordinates the scientific and methodological work in the field of archival science, record, Archeology, the process of implementing the results of research and scientific and technological achievements in the practice of archives and records management; prepares drafts of international, inter-governmental agreements and treaties in the field of archives and records management; as well as much more.