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The Polytechnic Museum

Polyethnic Museum

September 2, 2016

The Polytechnic Museum

Политехнической Музей

The Polytechnic Museum, founded in 1872, is a national museum of history of science and technology, one of the world’s oldest and largest museums of its kind. Today the Polytechnic Museum goes beyond collecting and preserving the unique achievements of the human mind, embodied in devices and objects; now it contributes to communication of various fields of science-from astronomy to genetics. The principal aim of the Museum’s team is to draw the audience’s interest to knowledge and achievements of the human mind, inspire the students and support the graduates.

Since 2013 the historical building of the Polytechnic Museum is closed for renovation. In April, 2014 the Polytechnic Museum opened the exhibition Rossiya Delaet Sama at the VDNKh Pavilion No. 26, that is dedicated to the progress of Russian science. The new exhibition shall become the key, yet not the only venue of the Museum for the period of the historical building’s renovation, that is to last till 2017.

The Technopolis Moscow hosts the Museum and the Polytechnic Library, while the Lector and the Science Labs for children are open at the ZIL Culture Centre.

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