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TALK | Celeste Wallander: The Russian Foreign Policy Challenge to the United States | Jan. 31 | 4:30 p.m.

Wallander, Celeste

January 25, 2018

Wednesday, January 31 | 4:30pm | The Peterson Room, Allen Library (4th Floor, Room 485)


U.S.-Russian relations have deteriorated precipitously in recent years, having recently reached new lows. Beginning with the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the resulting US-backed sanctions on Moscow, the decline grew worse with Russia’s intervention in Syria and the Russian role in hacking the 2016 U.S. elections.

Celeste Wallander, the main Russia advisor to former President Obama, will discuss the deterioration of U.S.-Russia relations and their uncertain future.

Wallander, who is now the President and CEO of the non-profit U.S.-Russia Foundation, will talk about President Putin’s international strategy, his confrontation with the U.S., and his chances of winning the Russian presidential elections in March 2018 (hint: pretty high). She will also discuss how Russia’s election hacking fits into its overall intelligence operations targeting the west.