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The State Darwin Museum

State Darwin Museum

September 2, 2016

The State Darwin Museum

Государственный Дарвиновский Музей

The State Darwin Museum was established in 1907 by Alexander Kots, one of the first lecturers on Darwinism to work in Moscow. At that time it was the only museum of evolution in the world. A specific feature of the Darwin Museum is that all its many exhibits are united in their one purpose: presenting a complete scientific picture of the evolution of the living world. There is a large display showing the variety of wildlife on earth, with animals from all climatic zones from the North Pole to the South. In another gallery you can follow the development of biology as a science from ancient times to the present. A large part of the collection is devoted to the question of the origin of Man, as well as the evolution of behavior, the relationship between Man and Nature and of course its future.

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