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Russian Human Rights Lawyer Sergey Golubok | Global Mondays Lecture Series

May 30, 2017

Sergey Golubok, a Russian human rights lawyer, spoke at UW as part of the “Global Mondays” Speaker Series.

Sergey Golubok, a Russian human rights lawyer, discussed his experience defending clients in Russia and spoke about the failure to reform Russia’s court systems in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Golobuk also addressed perceptions of LGBT issues in Russia, arguing that too much research has paid too much attention to St. Petersburg and Moscow while neglecting other regions of the country. Touching on international affairs, Golobuk discussed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ability to speak to Vladimir Putin in both German and Russian and said she often serves as an emissary of all Western leaders.

Golubok is an attorney based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since 2011, he has been representing parties in cases heard before the Russian courts, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, and before courts in Belarus, European Court of Human Rights, Committee against Torture, and Human Rights Committee.

In addition to representing applicants in the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights, he also acts for the authors of communications lodged against various States (including Russia, Belarus, and Sri Lanka) with the UN human rights treaty bodies, such as the Human Rights Committee and the Committee against Torture, as well as the special procedures of the UN Human Rights Council.

Dr. Golubok writes extensively on topical issues of international human rights law and international criminal law in both English and Russian and comments on legal issues of public significance for leading Russian periodicals and TV channels.

His lecture was part of the “Global Mondays” Speaker Series, a collaborative effort of the University of Washington School of Law and the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, dedicated to increasing awareness and exchange of information related to global issues.

This weekly forum examines the intersection of law, policy and the role of legal professionals in our increasingly complex and interconnected world. Programming includes a variety of interdisciplinary events ranging from presentations by internationally recognized speakers, to student presentations on cross-border scholarship and research, to the exploration of international professional experiences.

Listen to Golubok’s lecture below.