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PODCAST | William Craft Brumfield | Architecture of the Russian North (5.6.2017)

May 9, 2017

Dr. William Craft Brumfield discusses “Architecture at the End of the Earth,” an exhibition of his photographs from the Russian north at the University of Washington. Dr. Brumfield also introduces the William Brumfield Russian Architecture Digital Collection, an online resource available through the UW Library featuring over 29,000 images of Russian sites, mostly buildings constructed from the Middle Ages and the present. Following Dr. Brumfield, University of Washington professors Christopher Campbell, Elena Campbell, Ivan Drpić, and Ellen Hurst provide remarks about Russian architecture and heritage.

To access the William Brumfield Russian Architecture Digital Collection, please visit the following URL:

A professor of Russian literature at Tulane University in New Orleans, William Brumfield is the author of over forty books and hundreds of articles on Russian architectural history and is widely recognized as North America’s foremost expert on the subject.