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PODCAST | Trump and the World | A Roundtable with UW Jackson School Faculty

March 15, 2017

During his campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump made trenchant remarks regarding US allies, the NATO pact, relations with Russia and China and his views on U.S. immigration policies. Faculty at the Henry M. Jackson School for International Studies at the University of Washington held a roundtable to discuss the implications of a Trump presidency on China, Russia, European Union, the Middle East and refugees and immigrants in the US.

Featured panelists:

Scott Radnitz, Associate Professor and Director of the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies with a focus on the post-Soviet region, authoritarianism and protests.

Sabine Lang, Associate Professor of International Studies and Director of the Center for West European Studies with a research focus on on transnational advocacy and multilevel governance in the European Union.

Kathie Friedman, Associate Professor of International Studies and an expert on forced migration and refugees.

Joel Migdal (via Skype), Robert F. Philip Professor of International Studies and an expert in Middle East politics, states and societies. He is currently on sabbatical in Israel.

David Bachman, Henry M. Jackson Professor of International Studies and an expert on China and US-China relations.

NOTE: Due technical difficulties, portions of Dr. David Bachman’s responses were inaudible and thus have been cut from this podcast. His remarks as recorded will are available on the Jackson School’s YouTube account here:…&