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PODCAST | Tony Allison | A Seattleite’s Involvement with the Cold War & Citizen Diplomacy (10.24.2017)

February 1, 2018

In this talk, Seattle native Tony Allison discusses his involvement in a jointly owned Soviet-American fishing venture during the Cold War period. Allison served as Director of the Nakhodka and Moscow offices of the Marine Resources Company and then, after the end of the Soviet Union, as CEO from 1990 until its closure in 2001. The company sponsored or initiated several other forms of citizen diplomacy with the USSR-Russia.

Allison became a high school history teacher in Seattle and then transitioned to teaching environmental education at the Washington Park Arboretum and Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and recently initiated an environmental education exchange between Botanical Gardens in Russia and the Pacific Northwest.

This talk was presented as part of the Ellison Center’s Fall 2017 Master Teacher Workshop: Glasnost and Goodwill: The Cold War, Washington State, and the Power of Citizen Diplomacy.