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PODCAST | Emily Greble | Hierarchies of Citizenship: Islam and the Yugoslav State (2.9.2017)

March 23, 2017

During this talk at the University of Washington, Emily Greble discusses how Sharia law came to be enshrined in the constitution of interwar Yugoslavia, a modern, European democracy, and why this is significant for understanding the transformation from empire to nation-state, legal pluralism in the modern era, and the nature of minority protections in interwar Europe.

Emily Greble, a historian of the Balkans, is Associate Professor of History and East European Studies at Vanderbilt University. Her first book, “Sarajevo, 1941-1945: Muslims, Christians and Jews in Hitler’s Europe” (Cornell, 2011) examines the persistence of institutions and networks in the city of Sarjevo under Nazi occupation during the Second World War.