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National Museum of the History of Ukraine

National Museum of the History of Ukraine

September 2, 2016

National Museum of the History of Ukraine

Національний музей історії України

By the criteria of number and value of the collections National Museum of Ukrainian History is one of the leading museums in Ukraine. Its collection contains almost a million exhibits. Among them – archeological and numismatic collections of world importance, ethnographic collection, collection of weapons, sights of decorative art, manuscripts, early printed books, paintings and graphic art, relics of the national democratic and social revolutions of the twentieth century. They reflect Ukraine’s history from ancient times to the present.

The museum’s mission:

To promote social and cultural awareness by critical reflection of the past; To highlight key milestones of Ukrainian history with an emphasis on Ukrainian ethnogenesis, state formation and nation-building; To unite society around the museum in the wish to know the history of the nation and the country.


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