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The National Library of Bulgaria

Bulgarian Historical Archive

September 1, 2016

The National Library of Bulgaria

Националната библиотека на Република България

The Bulgarian Historical Archive (BHA) with its adjoining “Portraits and Photos” Collection is part of the Manuscript – Documental and Literary Heritage Division in the St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library.

Today 1 600 000 documents are kept in BHA, spread in over 900 private and public funds, 89 collections and hundreds of individual collections. Over 1 300 000 documents are described and are available to the public through catalogues and card indexes.

The Bulgarian Historical Archive, earlier known as the Archives Department, is one of the first Bulgarian archive depositories, established after the Bulgarian Liberation from Turkish domination in 1878 and existing to this day. When the needs to collect and preserve documents from the period of the National Revival emerged, the Archives Department gradually assumed an increased role and importance. The formation of an archive collection began with the establishment of the Library in 1878. In the years before the establishment of the State Archive Fund (SAF) in 1951 it gained the status of a national archive. From the establishment of a centralized archives to this day BHA has the status of a chief archive depository of documents from the Bulgarian National Revival and the liberation struggles of the Bulgarians in Macedonia and the Odrin region until 1912. For over a century its staff has contributed to its enlargement and development. The names of the renowned specialists Senior research fellow Dr. Ivan Panayotov, Senior research fellow Kirila Vazvazova – Karateodorova, Senior research fellow Dora Belcheva – Popsavova should be mentioned for their contribution.

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